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Qorvo’s IoT Solution enabling reliable home to all

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Qorvo has brought up a new eHealth system which utilises the company’s chipsets for the Internet of Things (IoT). This aims to be a key resource for the seniors who wish to live independently. Initially, the health insurer CZ will make this system available to 3,000 elderly customers in the Netherlands, which is the first time that a large health insurance company has implemented a senior smart home solution.

eHealth technologies has presented whole-home sensor systems with an equal opportunity to health insurers and consumers. They keep a check on the healthcare costs and enhance quality of life. In a survey conducted by the Grand View Research, the global eHealth market is expected to reach $308 billion by 2022, and such a transformation of the healthcare industry into a digital healthcare system will be welcomed by one and all.

CZ works on the non-intrusive set of motion and open/close sensors, and a gateway. It also takes help while designing a cloud algorithm from Sensara along with industry-leading Zigbee Green Power RF solutions from Qorvo. Zigbee Green Power utilises ultra-long coin-cell battery life sensors (10-year replacement) and which in turn provide secure, long-range and highly reliable wireless data transmission.

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Menno Janssen, strategic program manager of CZ has quoted by saying that they aim towards providing a safe and a healthy living environment to the elderly people who wish to stay alone.

Cees Links, general manager of Qorvo’s Wireless Connectivity business unit, said that this innovation would ensure a complete living environment for the elderly people. Qorvo has worked on various behavior analysis algorithms and Zigbee Green Power RF solutions to achieve this feat. CZ was commended by Qorvo for its efforts in effectively implementing eHealth solutions which will enhance the lives of the many generations to come. “IoT technology has been a huge boost in the field of emerging technologies and will keep growing in the times to come,” he added.       Read more…

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