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PTC Retail Innovation Platform will enable improved consumer engagement

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PTC has introduced a Retail Innovation Platform at the recently held annual National Retail Federation’s (NRF) event. The newly introduced Retail Innovation Platform will enable retailers to design and develop products faster and better. Also, it will help them overcome global supply chain complexities with end-to-end transparency and deliver a connected store experience to improve consumer engagement.

Now, PTC integrates, several of its retail technology innovations and solutions into a single, connected platform. The potential impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer a secret. At PTC, we recognized this from the beginning and are bringing our solutions and technologies together to further enable retailers and brand owners to transform how they operate and compete, starting with design through to the in-store experience,” said Eric Symon, vice president and general manager, PTC Retail Business Unit.

PTC and Deloitte have been involved in building a smart, connected store with Legend World Wide, located in Belgrade, Serbia. Impinj, Monolith, and NCR each providing a unique set of in-store data, which is then centralized into PTC’s ThingWorx Industrial Innovation Platform. Digital channels are re-defining the purpose of today’s store. By joining forces with PTC, the company is exploring the promise of IoT with stores like Legend and experimenting with smart technology to capture data and generate insights.

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PTC has also unveiled the FlexPLM Canvas app, which is a digital board app that will enable the designers and developers to capture inspirations, concepts, trends, requirements, and feedback all in one place. The tool collaborates both internally and externally helping the people understand design direction in the development cycle. Users will be able to get an idea about the various product development stages and the sourcing processes. It has been said that FlexPLM Canvas will take less time to implement the user’s ideas into real-time products.

PTC has brought IoT and augmented reality (AR) for the retail industry with the announcement of new AR apps. These apps will combine iOS 11 and ARKit enabling augmented reality experiences for iPhone and iPad – with ThingWorx to help retailers and brand owners improve the different stages of development of the products. Apps will feature iOS for the functioning of enterprise systems in real-time to address the customer issues. PTC’s Retail Innovation Platform and AR technologies will combine rich, high-quality 3D models with product information thereby helping the consumers while purchasing.

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