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Open Source And Emerging Protocols Lead Way For The IoT

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Chauhan explains how they take care of security in their systems. “There are provisions for three levels of security in the systems. You need the network key that allows your device to connect with the network, the device key that allows you to access the device and the application key that allows you to access the particular data in the edge device.” But if you set passwords like 123456, the system is going to have a tough time keeping intruders out.

Some ways to improve security can be implemented throughout the development cycle, starting with a threat model to consider the dangers and designing the system accordingly. Threat modelling helps the design team to consider vulnerable factors while designing the system, instead of post deployment. Security can then be implemented throughout the device lifecycle to keep those hackers on their toes.

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What to expect in the future

Multiple ecosystems are expected to be the norm in the future, so interaction between different ecosystems is going to be another thing to look at. Areas such as smart homes, smart cities and healthcare call for robust systems with more reliability. Developers must regularly update the systems as more standards evolve in the future.

All things considered, multiple protocols could eventually help you out. There is Amazon Echo Dot competing with Google Home. Simply saying the words could get your prescription ordered or your air quality monitored. We have somehow managed to add connectivity in everything from televisions to tyres.

Considering a mix of image analytics and reactions on these by mechanical systems could be the next big thing. Adding image analytics to mechanical systems and tweaking some algorithms could lead to a much easier lifestyle. Which brings in the question, “Would that level of comfort be good for us and not turn us into lazy people sitting and typing everything away?”

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