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Nokia advances to Connected Gadgets and An Indian CEO?

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Nokia, is rising back to spotlight. Regarded as one of the most trusted cellphone brand for decades, Nokia is making a comeback with connected devices after it sold its business to the Microsoft few years back. Nokia is acquiring Withings, a digital health firm based in UK for $191 million headed by Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri.

“What an exciting day for us! Today we have been able to tell the world that we plan to join forces with Nokia to build the future of digital health together,” says Cedric Hutchings, CEO on their Facebook page. Withings fleet of smart products include Pulse meters, smart body analyser, Smartwatch, Thermometer and couple of devices such as heart pressure monitors which all fall under fitness genre.

Withings Product range

The thrilling and interesting part about this acquisition Nokia may start integrating the devices from Internet of things (IoT) ecosystem to itself. Unlike other competitors Nokia has a large number of loyalists globally and its comeback into the electronics platform would be an overwhelming delight for them. For now, healthcare sector would be the best bet for Nokia to gain back the lost ground.

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The challenging part for Nokia again would be re-designing itself to suite the needs of customers with the same elegance it carried before. While being a part of this new journey , it would be hard for Nokia to call back the engineers and support who moved out or relocated themselves. It would be Nokia’s synergy with Withings that will serve in redesigning the Product and functionality in the days to come.

Nokia is now looking to start fresh with a huge young tech hungry market for Smart Internet of things Devices. Nokia’s come-back to electronics market this time will leave a huge milestone of success in its history, if they can  build prominence and trust like it has always been. Capitalising on the Emotional bond that the customers have with Nokia, it would be an event worth waiting for.

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