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Microsoft announces US $5 billion investment in IoT

Microsoft is simplifying the IoT journey by improving business and customer experiences globally.

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Microsoft has announced one of the significant investment in the world of Internet of Things (IoT). It has announced to invest US$5 billion in the IoT globally over the period of coming four years.

The investment is aimed to support continued research and innovation in the Internet of Things. This will also support Microsoft’s technology platform. Part of investment will also go in growing the partner ecosystem.

As per the blog post by Julia White, CVP- Microsoft Azure, it said, “We’ve been investing in IoT before the term was coined, when enterprises had these endpoints in their factories, buildings and other devices that were totally “dark.” Today, we’re planning to dedicate even more resources to research and innovation in IoT and what is ultimately evolving to be the new intelligent edge.”
Not only this, by supporting programs it will be enabling continued research and development in areas, like security, creating development tools and intelligent services for IoT and the edge. Customers and partners can expect new products and services, offerings, resources and programs.

Today, Microsoft’s Internet of Things platform comprises of cloud, operating system and devices. Thus, it is simplifying the IoT journey for customers—regardless of size, technical expertise, budget, industry or other factors. Microsoft will create trusted, connected solutions that improve business and customer experiences, as well as the daily lives of people all over the world.

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The investment announced will ensure that Microsoft continues to meet its customers’ needs both today and tomorrow.

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