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Keep Calm and Bring Your Own IoT Device

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BYOIoT or Bring Your Own Iot

Lets start by listing the gadgets we carry to office. Beginning with smartphone, tablet, fablets, laptop, smartwatches and other wearables; the list is finite for now. All these devices add to the ecosystem of our environment as internet of things. The question is the concept of Bringing out own Internet of things device safe enough or is it expected by corporate.

It is expected that by the end of this decade, half the number of employees would be using their own devices at work. De facto the age of condemning this ideology is now coming to an end. Bid a good bye to the bulky space consuming PC’s and Desktops. Welcome ourselves to “BYOIoT” or Bring your Own IoT Device.

Enterprises are now confident that data leakages will be a rarity in the coming future. With more analytics, fraud detection and Artificial intelligence in place; the vulnerabilities could be seen at horizon and destroyed.

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Undeniably it cannot be ignored if stalkers get personal or enterprise data and cause physical harm in real world. there can be issues that may really compromise a situation for example, a rouge device may leak data into the Internet somehow and anybody waking up to that the next morning would find it scary.

Well to be optimistic, it surely feels good to carry your devices around and work wherever it is required until conditions apply!

Bringing DIY innovations to work

This idea of bringing Do It Yourself (DIY) innovations can win you laurels at office. In-fact there are very simple, but effective IoT DIY’ sources available that one employ at the workplace. If your office doesn’t have a surveillance system, an old smartphone with a camera could be leveraged and link it up to internet. It would serve as a public security camera. Now another suggestion to get a headcount of employees in office, sticking BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacons to the office laptop bags or identity cards etc. would let the management know of presence of employees. Using a Zigbee to wirelessly control devices , controlling appliances with voices and the list is endless. Probably in future if you go near your coffee machine it would sense the type of coffee, the amount of cream/ sugar that you would like to have ready to be served. All you have to do is keep the cup on cup holder. Its just the beginning. So “Keep Calm and Bring Your own IoT”.

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