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IoT: Faster connectivity with LIFI

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Transmiting information at as much as 224 gigabits per second; LiFi offers lot more to IoT than being a revolutionary Visible Light Communication medium.

WiFi made significant changes in how we communicate and enjoy entertainment options through the internet. Now LiFi (light fidelity) is taking technology to a much higher level. It is likely going to do it quickly and with massive implications.


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Li-Fi is bidirectional, high speed and fully networked wireless communication, that is similar to WiFi, but uses visible light communication, like infra-red and near ultraviolet light, to transmit data. More simply, rather than using radio frequency, it uses light. .The LED lights require so little energy, they can be powered by a standard ethernet cord.

This is important because  (VLC) has much higher bandwidth than radio frequency based WiFi.

To add on it has been observed that the receivers sometimes wont be able to distinguish the signal, and unlike WiFi, LiFi signal cannot pass through walls which could be be a blessing in disguise in terms of security aspect is concerned. Its not far away that these drawbacks would be won over with smart architecture where the light follows the user around the space.

What it Means to IoT

It cannot be understated. LiFi will close the digital divide and allow for the Iot (‘internet of things’) , meaning tens of billions of devices connected to the internet. Solar cell LED light transmits signals through imperceptible changes in light. This potentially eliminates access and bandwidth problems across the entire globe, connecting an almost unlimited array of devices.

There’s more. While LiFi provides almost unlimited bandwidth for practical purposes, it also provides the energy to provide the power to recharge devices. In other words, while you are using LiFi, you are actually providing the power for, and recharging the very devices used to utilize it. Mind blown.

 The Future Is 2016

Lifi Not only will LiFi become an accepted term in coming months, you will begin to see real products with real applications that utilise it. LiFi could be installed anywhere users might like light and data services: bus shelters, train stations, street lights, tourist information kiosks could all provide data transmission as well as light.. As bandwidth limitations become a thing of the past, so will restrictions on how and how much information we can access. This changes everything.

Courtsey: http://flowink.co.uk/embrace-lifi-the-internet-of-things/

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