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IoT-enabled Smart Radiator Valve

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Innovative IoT-enabled ‘Smart radiator valves’ from Netatmo are a perfect solution to bring comfort and energy savings to smart home makers. For manufacturers of wearable and healthcare products, Murata has introduced an ultra-small RAIN RFID tag measuring 1.25 x 1.25 x 0.55mm. Finally, Antenova takes antenna design a step forward with its tiny antenna designed for tracking metal surfaces, ideal for tracking applications and Smart Cities.

IoT-enabled Smart Radiator Valve Reduces Energy Usage By 37%

Smart home designers are constantly working to simplify tech gadgets for the entire home. Netatmo’s exciting innovation in this arena is an intelligent heating solution allowing homeowners to remotely control the temperature of each room using their voice. Working alongside the firm’s smart thermostat, these smart radiator valves not only enable individual rooms to be heated or cooled as required, but also claim to reduce energy usage by up to 37 per cent by detecting when a window is open and stop heating a room. Read more.

Tiny GNSS Antenna Gears Up Tracking Applications and Smart Cities

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Antenna specialist Antenova has launched Robusta, an antenna which overcomes the challenge of operating on a metal surface or housing, where it is extremely difficult for an antenna to operate. Measuring just 23mm x 16mm x 1.7mm high, it is ideal to be mounted on a metal object. It can be used on bicycles, motor cycles, vehicles, containers or other property that needs to be tracked and located accurately. The antenna can also be used for smart lighting and smart meters in Smart City applications, where it can be fixed to metal fittings. Read more.

Ultra-small RFID Tag Faves With Wearables And Healthcare

Manufacturers and retailers of small items can take advantage of a new ultra-small RAIN RFID tag from Murata. The LXMSJZNCMF-198, measuring 1.25 x 1.25 x 0.55mm, is suitable for use in eyewear, watches, and other wearable accessories, as well as healthcare applications like test tube sample identification. According to Murata, the tag can be used not only to identify products during the manufacturing process, but also to provide traceability in the aftermarket. This supports both businesses and consumers against counterfeiting and enhances brand protection. Read more.


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