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From ‘Internet of Things’ to ‘Internet of Intelligence’

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In a recent study, CTAM traced the changing behavior, expectations and aspirations of the new, connected consumer. The study, conducted by Magid, revealed that smart home technologies, wireless home security monitoring, customizable experiences are captivating consumers. IoT is getting redefined to ‘Internet of Intelligence‘. Recent estimates show Americans will average 50 connected devices in their homes by 2020.

To accomplish the study goals, Magid spoke with more than 100 ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) early adopter and prospect consumers, across 15 different focus groups and nine in-home ethnographies. The study found that early adopters are both demanding and forgiving when it comes to Smart Home technologies. But, the potential of IoT technologies is threatened by concerns around reliability, true benefits, cost, privacy and security.

Consumers are getting accustomed to everything being one click or voice command away. This leads consumers to believe that the more technology delivers in one part of their life, the more it should simplify the other parts of their life.

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For the Key implications from the study,


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