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IIT Madras partners with Applied Materials for Research in AI

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Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras has signed a Joint Development Agreement (JDA) with Applied Materials India to conduct research in Data Sciences, Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).  With the current interest and developments in the field of AI, this move will be a step towards taking cutting-edge technology concepts to reality.
The three  industry sectors that are expected to benefit the most from the JDA will be Semiconductors, Pharma and Display.
The JDA includes research on using representational neural networks and machine learning methods to combine time-series and images for Technology Enabled Software Solutions (TES), advanced image analysis using novel algorithms based on graphics processors or hybrid compute architectures. There will also be research around investigation of an optimal computational environment to develop advanced big data analytics using devices such as GPUs, CPUs, FPGAs, hybrid clusters and others.
Speaking about the Agreement, Prof. Bhaskar Ramamurthi, Director, IIT Madras, said, “We look forward to collaborating with Applied Materials in the fast-expanding field of AI. IIT Madras is already a leader in this area, and bringing the expertise from academics and industry together gives us unique opportunities for making early breakthroughs in applications. IIT Madras strives to stay abreast of developments in technology and welcomes this opportunity to add momentum to its research into AI.”
Dr. Om Nalamasu, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Applied Materials Inc., said, “Materials engineering innovations are key to achieving the new compute models, chip architectures and materials systems needed to realise the potential of Artificial Intelligence. Applied Materials’ collaboration with IIT Madras is focused on the breakthroughs that can accelerate this new era.”
For more than a decade, Applied Materials and the Indian Institute of Technology have been working together to advance the semiconductor ecosystem in India. But this formal JDA signing is a milestone. Mr. Srinivas Satya, Country President and Managing Director, Applied Materials India, and Dr. Om Nalamasu signed the JDA on behalf of Applied Materials India with Prof Krishnan Balasubramanian, Dean, Industrial Consultancy & Sponsored Research from IIT Madras.


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