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IDC predicts market potential for IoT professional services

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IDC recently made public its report on Internet of Things (IoT) professional services. In the study, IDC examines the market for Internet of Things (IoT) professional services, which is forecast to grow rapidly.

“Projected spending growth for IoT professional services is high but on a relatively small base of spending,” says Gard Little, research director, Digital Transformation Professional Services Research. “In 2017, IDC has launched its research on IoT professional services overall, and this study provides more detail on the very important professional services segment.”

As per the IDC report IoT hardware will be the biggest technology category in 2018, with $239 billion going largely toward modules and sensors, along with some spending on infrastructure and security. IoT-related services will be the second largest technology category, followed by software and connectivity.

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In addition to a rise in investments in IoT products and services, the IDC research describes how software and services will play a major role in the success of IoT project.


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