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Huggies TweetPee — a device that tweets for your baby

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How often have you wished that your baby could tell you that she needs a diaper change? Well, now she can. Thanks to a sensor+ iPhone app combo called TweetPee introduced by Huggies, the device alerts the parents when a child’s diaper is wet.

The app comes with an owl-shaped plastic humidity sensor that detects humidity and immediately sends a tweet to parent’s mobile that baby needs a diaper change. Using it, parents will be able to keep a track of the number of diapers they have used on a daily basis as well as know when to order for more.


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The sensor keeps an eye out for humidity in the diaper, and when it senses it, it connects to the internet and sends out a tweet to the mom or dad about the wet diaper. As soon as the tweet is received, the mom is expected to come swiftly to the rescue.

The news about this iPhone app was confirmed by company’s spokesperson in Brazil. He said TweetPee was actually a real product and is currently being tested with four parents in Brazil and the test pool will soon be expanded to ten families by July.

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  1. Sounds interesting, but will make sense only if it is cost-effective, because a diaper, well, needs to be changed one too many times a day!

    Plus, I’m not sure why somebody away from home would want to know when their baby needs a change.

    If the purpose is to alert a caretaker who is at home, then just a simple beep, or a color changing strip (such as what is available in several brands today) would be enough.

    • This gadget is probably designed for the Generation Z parents, who are always connected to the Internet. For instance, people using Siri or Google Glass to keep up with their stream of social media updates, may find it helpful for the ‘internet’ to alert them if their baby has a damp diaper.

      Honestly, this is scary. If this product becomes successful, then it means that a lot of parents/guardians feel that they have much better things to do than keep an eye on their baby.

  2. As technical person one thing which i dont understood in this is how device connects to Internet, WiFi,Bluetooth, or through some other technology.

    Just little Curious

    • Since the device is still being tested with select (lucky!) Brazillian customers, they haven’t brought out the technical aspects yet.

      However, noting how the sensor has to connect to the phone’s app before tweeting, I would say that it uses Bluetooth 4 LE to connect to the iPhone (more so since the battery capacity on the sensor would be minimal), and then the app on the iPhone uses one of it’s many options to connect to the internet and make the tweet.

  3. I don’t think this is a good idea AT ALL. the EM radiation from handphones is strong enough to have effects on grown people. imagine what this would do to an infant. It being placed on the groin area just adds to the danger!


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