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Global Net’s S-Badge promise Extra Safety, Security and Business Insights

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Global Net Solutions (GNS) unveils its S-Badge, an enhanced revolutionary IoT-based security solution. Targeting airports, hospitals, school districts and college campuses, government agencies, S-Badge is designed to improve safety. It is also capable of tackling insider threats and breaches in high security environments.

The S-Badge solution is the industry’s first security system leveraging a multi-sensor Bluetooth low energy beacon. It uses multiple data sensors and High Frequency RFID technology to track people, property and assets with location monitoring in indoor and outdoor settings. The scratch-proof and water-resistant surface of badge is customized with a printed photo ID.

Leveraging on technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to enhance security it unlocks an entirely new range of functionality and data that go far beyond today’s standards. The proprietary, turn-key solution utilizes an innovative system of on-site LoRa gateways and a battery-smart, all-in-one authentication badge that verifies a user’s identity based on location, a biometric signature and a preprogrammed NFC chip. The S-Badge also features a panic button to discreetly signal an emergency, along with the badge’s location.

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Its unique three-factor authentication process provides the highest level of security while solving the most common problems that plague existing systems, such as badge abuse and lost or stolen badges. The process includes, Biometric, Location and Secure Element Authentication.

Advanced features, like location monitoring, the emergency distress signal and machine learning prediction modeling capabilities, are powered by the stationary gateways throughout a structure or site that communicate with the S-Badge.

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