Fairchild’s FIS1100 Evaluation Kit Gives You High-Accuracy, Low-Power MEMS IMU


The FIS1100 Evaluation Kit from Fairchild Semiconductor is a low-power, highly accurate 6D MEMS Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) that provides always-on sensor technology. This is required for applications such as wearable sensors for sports, fitness, and health; pedestrian navigation; autonomous robots; and virtual and augmented reality.

        The FIS1100 Evaluation Kit is also Fairchild’s first MEMS product.

The kit includes the FIS1100 6D IMU, which incorporates a 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope and can connect an external 3-axis magnetometer through an I2C master, forming a complete 9‑degrees-of-freedom (9DOF) system. The FIS1100 IMU integrates a proprietary AttitudeEngine™ motion processor with a 9‑axis sensor fusion algorithms to provide designers with an easy-to-implement, system-level solution for developing user experiences with low processing power consumption in a wide range of motion enabled, battery-powered applications.

The AttitudeEngine processes 6-axis inertial data at a high rate internally and outputs to the host processor at a lower rate matching the application needs, eliminating the necessity for high-frequency interrupts. This allows the system processor to remain in sleep-mode longer, providing longer battery life without compromising functionality or accuracy. The sensor fusion also includes background auto calibration that enables higher degrees of accuracy, consistency, and fluidity.


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