Ericsson Implements the Autonomous Driving Project in Sweden


In the past, we had seen self-driving shuttle buses started sharing the road with pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles in Stockholm. The shuttle buses define the future of urban transport. Ericsson has implemented an autonomous driving project with the aid of local partners such as Nobina, SJ, Stockholm City, Klövern, KTH and Urban ICT Arena. The project aims to test the driverless buses on public roads under real traffic conditions.

The testing is done keeping in mind varying weather conditions, remote take-over and human response. Ericsson has provided the Connected Urban Transport (CUT) solution that will do the monitoring of the self-driving buses. The testing of the buses connectivity to a 5G network will be carried out in the second half of the 6-month trial run.

Drive Sweden is said to be a strategic innovation program launched by the Swedish government. The program involves partners from all sectors of society. Issues such as the challenges and opportunities of road safety, adaptation of infrastructure and transport-related legislation will be addressed.

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