Enterprises Are Rapidly Moving To A Higher Cloud


Other Optimisations

· 72% say CIO is their organization’s primary driver of cloud migration

· 63% say cost reduction is a key motivation for cloud adoption

· 62% cite on-demand access to computing capacity as key cloud benefit

· 67% see at least half of IT resources in the cloud by 2018

· 42% cite security as the biggest challenge in cloud management

Unisys delivers a range of cloud and infrastructure services that enable clients to transition their IT environment smoothly from hardware-heavy data centers to secure, software defined enterprises capitalizing on cloud-enabled solutions for their most crucial business computing tasks. Unisys Stealth provides an extra layer of security for both public and private clouds, using identity-based micro-segmentation techniques and encryption to help organizations mitigate attacks and hacker incidents by rendering devices, data and end users undetectable on networks.