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du support plans for next-gen applications

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Designed to support ‘du’s rapid transformation into a digital service provider it has collaborated with Cisco. As consumers and businesses embrace new digital applications, services and technologies, need for more bandwidth is rising. The du-Cisco collaboration aims to build a future-proof 5G-ready network.
du is replacing its existing IP core network with a scalable and 5G-ready infrastructure. This will reduce network complexity and make du more agile and flexible market player.
Cisco IP core network will modernise, expand and complete a seamless migration to virtualised and native cloud architecture. The network modernisation will increase the capacity of the core network to 24 terabytes per node, making du’s 5G-ready network ready for ultra-broadband services.
The joint collaboration will enable du to offer next-generation digital services pertaining to augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (AR), in addition to other new applications and services made possible by 5G.
Saleem Al Blooshi, EITC’s Chief Infrastructure Officer, said, “du is already supporting the realisation of the UAE’s Vision 2021 by empowering the digital economy and driving Dubai’s transformation into a smart city. 5G is a phased approach and we will continue with trials until we officially launch it. With the deployment of a more scalable and agile network, we will be well-placed to support 5G, smart city services, the IoT and other new, innovative digital services.”
As both consumer and commercial 5G use cases gain traction, demand for mobile and ultra-fast broadband services continues to accelerate in the UAE. The expanded capacity of du’s network will help stimulate local innovation, particularly around the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI), smart city and IoT technologies, while supporting the country’s vision for a data-driven future.
Ali Amer, Cisco’s Managing Director of Global Service Provider for Middle East and Africa, added: “By working with Cisco, du’s 5G-ready network will deliver a more virtual and far more scalable infrastructure that forms the foundation for future solutions and new business opportunities.”
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