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Connected Devices With Amazon AWS IoT & EZConnect

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An overview of the different services for IoT applications , especially Amazon AWS. Hardware requirements and supported platforms for building cloud connected devices.

The talk aims to help you understand the different building blocks that go into making an internet connected thing.

The talk will be structured in 2 sections : a brief 5 minute introduction followed by 25 minutes of demo based slides on the services available in different types of cloud providers. All the demos will be based around an example application.

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A brief table of contents
• Introduction to AWS IoT and EZConnect
• Choosing the right wireless protocol
• Software support from hardware vendors
• Let’s build to learn : (each sub-point in this section will be accompanied by a software/hardware demo)
1. Connecting devices (HomeKit, Google Weave explained)
2. Controlling from a smartphone (device shadows and ReST API on Android/iOS)
3. OTA updates (Use AWS IoT + S3, secure upgrade demo)
4. Push notifications
5. Run instant functions on new information
6. Analytics using data streams

Presented by: Anuj Deshpande, Embedded Systems Engineer, Makerville Solutions

12_Connected devices with Amazon AWS IoT & EZConnect from EFY on Vimeo.


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