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Artificial Intelligence is Efficient of Fighting Ad Fraud

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Appier based on a study conducted on its own network demonstrated the ability of an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based model to fight ad fraud. The study spanning over four months from May to August this year involved over 4 billion campaign data points including ad clicks and apps installed. The report showed that an AI-based fraud detection model was able to identify twice as many fraudulent transactions as a traditional rule-based model.

Ad fraud has become a major threat to the online advertising industry and is projected to cost advertisers billions of dollars. Traditional rule-based methods of detecting and mitigating ad fraud has its limitations. Appier believes an Artificial Intelligence based model is far more effective and we saw the benefits of that approach in just four months of analysis from their network.

A traditional rule-based model typically only looks at one to three dimensions and works on rules that are programmed by humans. This model works with simple and known ad fraud patterns. An AI-based model not only examines the data in over 80 dimensions but is self-learning and able to pick up new suspicious patterns not seen before.   Read more…

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