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All-In-One IoT Portal from Tele2

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Now you can get multiple IoT tools from multiple vendors in a single web platform!

By Anagha P

Engineering an Internet of Things (IoT) or machine-to-machine (M2M) solution in-house could be a tedious task for a technology company as it requires access to, and expertise in different solutions available in the market.

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A company named Tele2 has come up with a versatile IoT Web interface that integrates multiple tools for the IoT, from multiple vendors, into a single Web dashboard. The dashboard lets the user access a wide range of connected devices, highlights the messages gathered by the installed system, and then processes the information using integrated apps.

The IoT portal by Tele2 is reportedly offered in the form of a do-it-yourself (DIY) subscription service. This would reduce the time-to-market, complexity, cost and risk of the project, thereby making it easy for small, medium and large enterprises to take advantage of the opportunities enabled by the IoT.

With this portal, we are creating an application store, where you can choose to include individual tools that can take your business further through the right M2M/IoT solutions.” Rami Avidan, commercial director, Tele2 M2M

What it includes

The Tele2 portal aggregates several powerful IoT and M2M components and solutions from across the globe. This includes:

  • Self-service access to incident reporting
  • Contact company management
  • Planned or unplanned maintenance messages and service reporting

These are offered in a single Web interface, on a self-service basis. Tele2 has also partnered with major technology firms in the IoT and M2M arena to offer integrated solutions to the customers.

Tech giants aboard

Established players in the IoT industry – Telit Communications PLC, Microsoft Corporation and PTC Inc (Axeda and ThingWorx) – have already announced their partnership with Tele2 IoT portal by offering tools and solutions to support this venture. From the IoT portal, customers can directly obtain full access to the features and capabilities of these partner offerings.

Telit: Telit deviceWISE Application Enablement Platform has been selected as a core element or Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for this project. This cloud-based DIY IoT/M2M system is easy-to-use with all visualisation tools and dashboard features, and connects the user’s remote assets (devices, production assets and remote sensors) with Web-based and mobile apps and enterprise systems.

Our deviceWISE Application Enablement Platform gives Tele2 customers an instant ‘onramp’ to the Internet of Things for monitoring and control, industrial automation, asset tracking, field service operations and predictive maintenance across virtually all industries and market segments.”Fred Yentz, president and CEO, ILS Technology (Telit subsidiary)

Microsoft: The software experts will provide their Microsoft Azure IoT services in the IoT portal. This integrates tools for huge data ingestion, real-time advanced analytics in real-time, big data analysis and machine learning. Microsoft Azure IoT can virtually connect any device using any protocol, with an easy-to-use interface. This tie-up also gives the potential of using Office365, PowerBI and Azure Web Services, to present data in the right format to the right audience for insights and actions.

Many organisations face a digital transformation today. New ecosystems and opportunities are created in all industries like manufacturing, healthcare, facilities and logistics. Shifting income models, business models, societal and national capabilities can and will achieve amazing results. This cooperation with Tele2 makes it easy to explore and capitalise on the assets delivered by the IoT.”Richard Lind, CTO of IoT, Microsoft AB

PTC: The two IoT subsidiaries of PTC, Axeda and ThingWorx, bring connectivity, cloud, business logic, big data analytics and remote service applications to the project. While the ThingWorx platform lets the users build and manage IoT applications and installations from the cloud, the Axeda platform adds analytics and traditional business apps to it. With this, the firms can connect remote assets (devices and sensors), capture the values obtained from these assets and create apps that make use of this data.

“We look forward to working with Tele2 to help its customers realise the full value of complementing their M2M products and services with the ThingWorx IoT Application Enablement Platform.”Russ Fadel, president, ThingWorx

More to offer

From the specifications, it looks like Tele2 is going to bring about a major change in the way firms do business, by increasing the speed and decreasing cost and complications. The fact that this innovative IoT portal has already grabbed the attention of the technorati and attracted IoT service experts as its first partners gives us more to look forward to in near future.

Watch this space for more information:

The author is a dancer, karaoke aficionado, and a technical correspondent at EFY.

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