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AI Enabled Pharmacy Platform RedBook going Aggressive

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RedBook proprietary AI engine is used by over 500 pharmacies in Mumbai. It acts as a tool that offers deep insights on drug consumption patterns. It is being piloted by India’s leading drug makers to eliminate age old, error prone manual processes of data collection & analysis and decision making.

For pharmacies, RedBook frees up resources & time and increases business by over 15% with several intelligent features. The funds will be used to scale pharmacy platform RedBook pan India.

RedBook offers integration with distributors and online ordering facilities. It also provides auto sync for offline use, timely information on stock expiry, and micro-level insights on consumers enables pharmacies to focus on offering a truly personalized service to their consumers.

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Ankit Solanki, Co-Founder & CEO, Instinct Innovations, says, “Re-wiring the pharma supply chain with RedBook is only the first step in achieving our long-term vision. We aim to create a healthcare ecosystem that is seamlessly integrated via technology. The emphasis is on using machine learning & AI driven cognitive intelligence to make the supply chain more efficient.”

“By focusing on the pharma supply chain, RedBook is helping the healthcare system to become more patient-friendly and efficient.” says Dr Aniruddha Malpani.

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