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After Raspberry Welcome The Season Of “mangHO”

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The marketers of Raspberry Pi Boards in India, element 14 and Sierra Wireless have now come up with an open Source platform called mangOH Green and mangOH kit.

The mangOH Green IoT Platform is the first complete sensor-to-cloud platform. The Kit provides an all-in-one hardware, software and cloud-based connectivity specifically for Industrial Internet Of Things (IIoT). The system is best suited for data logging from remote locations which have less accessibility to. Equipped with multiple sensors remote monitoring and cloud support, this open hardware platform is ideal for quickly designing and deploying for industrial solutions.


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Inside the board

At the heart of the board are two industrial-grade CF3 connectors. They enable use of  an AirPrime HL Series module or an AirPrime WP Series applications processor. These modules are from Sierra Wireless. The AirPrime WP Series  is a cellular modem  that can provide device-to-cloud architecture enabling IoT developers to build a Linux-based product on a single module.


  • ARM-based Cortex A5 application processor with cellular modem and GPS
  • GNSS receiver and 3G modem
  • Arduino and IoT Connector to add wireless, wired, and sensor technologies
  • Battery for low-power applications


  • Legato open source Linux platform

Cloud Services

The cloud services are powered by IoT Acceleration Platform from Sierra Wireless. This IoT Platform is compatible with all open source initiatives and allows for fast prototyping by developers. The Opensource initiatives supported are NXP thread module, Linear Technology Dust Networks and Texas Instruments ZigBee, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module.

Getting Started

The kit houses ARM based Cortex A5 application processor, a WP8548 module on the green base board. with GNSS receiver, 3G modem, socket cover, two Breakout Board IoT Connectors, a power supply unit, antennas and USB cable its pretty simple to get connected and start with.


Sierra Wireless has arranged for a  webinar titled ‘Using open source technologies to rapidly build secure IoT devices on 24th May 2016 at 5pm GMT.

Click  mangOH Green for more information.

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