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A Complete Payment Solution For Next-Gen Smartphones

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Coping up with the growing demand of mobile payments, Mediatek is offering handset developers a ‘complete mobile payment platform’ that uses STMicroelectronics’ NFC technology. The solution is hoped to help design next-generation smartphones with tightly integrated NFC mobile services. Helping fleet managers who need second-by-second data accuracy and location information, Sequan is offering its LTE technology in a powerful fleet management device from Geotab. Preparing for efficient farming, a Crop protection firm Agrifac is utilising an innovative IoT weed detection platform which helps farmers save time and spray more effectively, reducing the amount of herbicides needed.

‘Complete Mobile Payment Platform’ Slashes Antenna Size and Costs

ST Microelectronics said it will embed its NFC technology into SoCs from mobile chip giant MediaTek. The rollout, says ST, will focus on cost and integration optimisation through smaller antennas and reduced bill of materials, while assuring interoperability with payment terminals in locations like retailers and transportation hubs. ST’s latest NFC SIP ST54F and ST54H integrate an NFC controller and optional secure element. ST aims to solve the challenges of achieving a robust wireless connection over extended communication distances to make mobile payments easy, dependable and private, while protecting against cybersecurity threats including eavesdropping and hacking. Read more.

New Open-platform Telematics Solution For Fleet Management

Geotab’s new open-platform telematics solution for fleet management,the GO8 device,is using the Calliope LTE Cat 1 Platform from IoT chipmaker Sequans Communications. Geotab’s GO8 device is a powerful tool for fleet managers who need second-by-second data accuracy and location information. The device offers features such as accurate engine diagnostics, accident detection and notification, near real-time vehicle data, fast GPS acquisition time, auto-calibrating accelerometre performance, and end-to-end security. Read more.

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IoT Platform Help Farmers Weed Out Pesticides

French startup Bilberry said its IoT weed detection solution will be incorporated in Agrifac’s sprayers in Austrailia, allowing customers to determine in real time where it’s necessary to spray or not. This is the first commercial application of EIT Digital’s SIOTAD Smart IOT Application Development (SIOTAD) framework designed to support sustainable and efficient agriculture. “This will allow farmers to save time and spray more effectively, reducing the amount of herbicides needed. Fighting weeds is a priority for Australian farmers, as this unwanted plants consume the resources of an already dry soil”, according to the firm. Read more.


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