COSEC Facial recognition from Matrix


The latest from Matrix is the indigenously designed COSEC Facial Recognition technology. It is based on innovative, deep learning technology.

Being a facial recognition tool, Matrix’s COSEC Facial Recognition identifies a user quickly and accurately. The technology evolves as per regular user interaction in different conditions, with 1:1 or 1:N identification method. The technology checks liveliness of a face with 99.53% accuracy.

It eliminates hardware cost by accepting the user’s mobile as a credential. It makes it cost effective and makes the verification process simple and secure.

By reading user’s face through COSEC APTA application, Matrix COSEC Facial Recognition technology ensures contactless authentication. It identifies user’s face in 1 Sec. Moreover, it works well even in low bandwidth conditions and is agnostic to changes in facial hair, angles and lighting.

“Matrix Facial Recognition is a powerful tool conceived with Liveliness Detection method. With the addition of these unique biometric technology in our range of security solutions, we want to weave our image as a company manufacturing solutions catering to different verticals for various Access Control and Time-Attendance applications”, commented Jatin Desai, product manager, access control and time-attendance.

By installing COSEC APTA application in their smartphone, users’ mobile becomes a biometric device for Time-Attendance and Access Control applications. Identification or verification is done through capturing an image of their face through the phone’s camera which in turn marks their attendance.