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World’s First Multi-Network 5G Vehicle Router Improves Emergency Response

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  • Sierra Wireless has launched a 5G router for vehicles which significantly improves emergency response
  • The AirLink MG90 world’s first multi-network 5G router for vehicles from the IoT solutions provider
  • Emergency services can fit the router to their vehicles for the reliable and secure connectivity that first responders need

Ashley Burrows, ESN Project Manager, Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service, said, “Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service (DFRS) uses Sierra Wireless MG90 routers to transform the cab of an emergency vehicle into a remote office, providing us with the ability to have accurate and timely mission-critical data communications remotely available at operational events to mitigate risk to DFRS staff and the communities that we serve. We’re looking forward to the added speed and functionality that 5G will enable.”

Potential use cases include live video streaming for law enforcement officers to ensure they quickly get support in rapidly-changing situations, or remote triaging for paramedics to ensure patients have the best chance at survival.

The router supports multiple networks to ensure it can seamlessly switch from one to the next with little-to-no disruption.

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Alison Brooks, Ph.D., Research VP of Smart Cities and Communities – Public Safety at IDC, commented, “First responders are looking to deploy 5G to take advantage of the performance and low latency it enables for critical applications, such as higher-definition video streaming and securing video evidence from vehicles in real-time.

The mission-critical nature of these applications, combined with the multi-network capabilities needed to ensure always-on connectivity means that these agencies need a purpose-built router, like the Sierra Wireless AirLink MG90 5G, to enable secure sub-second switching between different cellular networks.”

A patented cognitive network switching algorithm by Sierra Wireless is used to switch between cellular networks in sub-seconds—guaranteeing the ability to do one or more streams of video at any time.

Tom Mueller, VP of Product and Enterprise Networking at Sierra Wireless, said, “With the AirLink MG90 5G, Sierra Wireless has delivered the first 5G router that’s purpose-built to meet the challenges of moving vehicles, with patented technology to deliver the maximum performance and coverage anytime, anywhere. The MG90 5G tackles the toughest challenges where 5G matters most.”

The latest device in the MG90 range has the same form factor as previous iterations which makes for a simple migration.

An on-premise management system called AirLink Mobility Manager (AMM) provides 5G network troubleshooting along with an overview of things such as coverage and vehicle tracking.

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