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ST Manufactures Its Own NB-IoT Module

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Major clients all over the world are currently sampling the ST87M01 module.

STMicroelectronics has created an entirely internal module for the NB-IoT cellular standard with GNSS satellite navigation as a result of supply chain difficulties. The ST87M01 can be packaged in an LGA package with dimensions of 10.6mm x 12.8mm thanks to internal design and supply.

To enable the next-generation IoT ecosystems, it makes use of a wide range of ST’s technologies and products, including microcontrollers, AI solutions, sensors, actuators, PMUs, converters, interfaces, memory, and other connectivity. The certified LTE Cat NB2 NB-IoT industrial modules are fully programmable, cover all cellular frequency bands globally, and incorporate cutting-edge security features.

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The ST87M01 offers expanded multi-regional LTE coverage and is one of the first IoT cellular products available globally that complies with the most recent 3GPP Release 15. While running during NB-IoT sleep time periods, the embedded native GNSS receiver with multi-constellation access ensures enhanced and accurate localization in addition to optimal power saving features. Due to ST’s comprehensive conception, design, and industrialization of the module and all internal ICs, the supply chain and bill of materials are completely under their control.

The ST87M01 targets a wide range of IoT applications that require ultra-reliable Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) connectivity. It is qualified over the industrial temperature range (-40°C to +85°C), has extremely low power consumption (less than 2A in low-power mode), and transmit output power up to +23dBm.

They include industrial condition monitoring and factory automation, smart agriculture, and environmental monitoring, as well as smart metering, smart grid, smart building, smart city, and smart infrastructure applications. It is also appropriate for tracking tasks like finding lost pets, kids, or elderly people, keeping track of remote workers’ safety, tracking equipment like power tools, and basic intelligent logistics.

The STM8701 gives product designers flexibility by providing a completely programmable IoT platform that enables customers to directly insert their own code in the module for straightforward applications. Alternately, the module can be paired with a different host microcontroller, enabling a wide range of more complex use cases. To support common IoT use cases, a number of protocol stacks are provided, including IPv6, TCP/UDP, CoAP/LWM2M, MQTT, HTTP/HTTPS, and TLS/DTLS. Moreover, the ST87M01 is made to accommodate both ST enhanced AT instructions and common 3GPP AT commands.

The modules also have a cutting-edge ST4SIM embedded SIM (eSIM), which further improves asset minimization and security and is certified in accordance with the most recent industry standards, such as the recently issued GSMA eSA (Security Assurance) certification. Moreover, a cutting-edge incorporated security element is there (eSE).

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