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Silicon Valley Tech Start-up consortium Will Accelerate Edge Monetisation

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A new partnership between, Blue Arcus and KloudSpot will combine the technologies needed to enable end-to-end 4G and 5G services and provide the much needed platform to accelerate the deployment of 5G and Edge applications. The solutions, are said to half the time-to-market and operating costs for evolving digital businesses at the Edge.

The unique consortium will bring together essential capabilities such as location aware, Artificial Intelligence (AI) led video analytics, surveillance, data analysis, hyper automation, network slicing, cloud native application lifecycle management and hyperscale orchestration.

“Achieving a service edge ecosystem is only possible when multiple services across data analytics, network functions and lifecycle automation all the way down to the infrastructure and hardware layers are unified and orchestrated to work together,” said Mehran Hadipour, VP Alliances at “The consortium offers a suite of high value applications for customers to pick and choose services to enable the turnkey business cases that are unique to them. Whether they need to offer services across a smart city, Industrial, or within healthcare, everything from application stacks to the storage and backhaul access is available through a plug and play service package.”

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Kloudspot is a robust, network, IoT and cloud agnostic Location and Situational Awareness and Location Analytics platform that rides on the Network edge infrastructure. Kloudspot converts physical information of people’s demographics, footfall, path movement, activities as well as weather, room temperature and shopping activity into digitally processable data. Using AI and ML, Kloudspot provides experiential insights and reports into life-style, work space, health and safety, asset and infrastructure utilisation that can be harnessed to enable data driven digital solutions for any industry.

According to a press release, Robin’s Cloud Native Platform (CNP) and Multi Data Center Automation Platform (MDCAP) deploys and manages complex applications ‘as-a-service’ in the cloud using the most advanced open-source Kubernetes platform. To help with delivering fast bare metal performance across a range of workloads, Robin’s Cloud Native Storage combines data management capabilities on Kubernetes.

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