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Secure Authenticator Simplifies To Authenticate IoT Devices

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The EdgeLock A5000 is a scalable authentication solution for a variety of IoT use cases, as well as smart city infrastructure and linked industrial equipment, where security is critical throughout the product lifecycle. According to the business, the device is optimised for authentication applications across the device lifecycle, reducing R&D costs, simplifying manufacturing and supply chain logistics, and complying with high-level security and ecosystem requirements.

“Authentication is pivotal to establish trust in secure devices within IoT ecosystems, but at the same time, implementing it is a challenging endeavor,” states Christian Lackner, Senior Director of IoT security and smart products authentication at NXP. “The EdgeLock A5000 makes the development of secure devices easy and scalable, allowing developers to focus on differentiating their IoT solution.”

The device is meant to fulfil the rising demand for security in authentication applications and compliments the company’s EdgeLock secure element family, which serves more complex ecosystems that require multi-tenant security, updatability, and crypto agility. To enable authentication techniques, the new EdgeLock A5000 secure authenticator delivers a highly secure, Common Criteria EAL6+ AVA VAN.5 (up to the OS) certified solution. EdgeLock A5000 is a turnkey authentication plug-in that may be used with any microcontroller, microprocessor, or connection platform, including Wi-Fi SoCs.

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The EdgeLock A5000 can withstand temperatures ranging from -40 to +105°C, making it suitable for usage in industrial equipment, smart city infrastructure components, and household appliances. For specific use cases, such as device authentication, cloud onboarding, inclusion in the Matter smart home ecosystem, smart metering, electric vehicle charging, Qi 1.3 wireless charging authentication, gaming, and others, EdgeLock A5000 comes with dedicated application guidelines and software examples.

Furthermore, when using NXP secure infrastructure and services through EdgeLock 2GO, developers do not need to set up a sophisticated and costly key management infrastructure to handle device credentials, according to the company. EdgeLock 2GO Bespoke can be used to create custom ICs to handle complex setups or to conform with Qi 1.3 and Matter standards, while EdgeLock 2GO Managed can be used to manage credentials and numerous services, such as credential rotation, throughout the device lifespan. The EdgeLock A5000 costs $1.17 per 1,000 units.

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