Public IoT Network to Be Available Throughout Seoul By 2023

Image Credit: AFCEA

The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) announced it will establish a city-wide public IoT network by 2023 along with operating platform at City Hall by the end of this year.

Its public IoT network will have a 421 kilometer-long LoRa-based trunk network to collect variety of data from sensors on transportation, safety, environment, and many more things. The new set up will enable data transmission mutually between the government and 25 district offices. As many as 1,000 IoT-exclusive LoRa base stations will be installed at public buildings, including community service centres.

Replacing existing mobile networks with the city’s own network (S-Net) is expected to substantially reduce the IoT service fees.

The SMG seeks to introduce many different services that can improve Seoul citizens’ quality of life by providing the data to start-ups and research institutes.

“The establishment of the network will allow collected data to be swiftly transmitted, expedite the rollout of related services, and be used through big data processing and convergence technologies. IoT services, which have been provided through mobile telecommunication networks, will be made available to the public without the burden of cost,” reads an official statement. 

Along with the IoT network establishment, the SMG will sequentially start pilot IoT services in safety, administrative, and environmental fields by selecting three districts – Eunpyeong-gu, Guro-gu, and Seocho-gu this year.