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Oppo’s Latest Initiatives Include an IoT Enablement Plan

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  • Oppo is allocating approximately $143 million for its Gravity Plan 2.0
  • More than 120,000 developers have joined the OPPO open platform till date

Oppo has launched three initiatives to co-build a new intelligent service ecosystem with developers and partners. These include enhanced developer support program Gravity Plan 2.0, Five System-level Capability Exposure Engines and the IoT Enablement Plan.

The company said that it has allocated about USD $143 million for Gravity Plan 2.0 taht will take off in 2020. The IoT Enablement Plan is a capacity opening program. The plan aims to open the company’s HeyThings IoT protocol, HeyThings IoT service platform and audio connectivity protocol for IoT partners.

Hey Things IoT service platform

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The Hey Things IoT service platform is expected to be deployed through Oppo’s open platform in the first quarter of 2020. The first phase of the audio connectivity protocol is expected to start in June 2020.

An official statement from the company said, “Oppo plans to invest USD 7 billioninto R&D spending in the next 3 years to develop core technologies in hardware, software and system in addition to 5G, AI, AR, big data and other frontier technologies. By actively collaborating with partners across the industry for a future of shared success, OPPO is forging a new ecosystem of smart services in the era of the intelligent connectivity.”

Gravity Plan 2.0

The Gravity Plan 2.0 will support developers worldwide. It has launched Gravity Plan in 2018. Till date, the plan has provided resources for more than 2,000 applications. It has resulted in creating 9.2 billion impressions and more than 180 million downloads as per Oppo.

The Five System-level Capability Exposure Engines will help developers to connect Oppo’s system-level capability more quickly claimed the company. It wil include Hyper Boost, Link Boost, CameraUnit, MediaUnit and ARUnit capabilities.

Andy Wu, vice president, software engineering, Oppo, said, “With the launch of the Five System-level Capability Exposure Engines, Oppo will help developers leverage creativity, explore scenarios, maximize value and build a world of intelligent connectivity in which reality and the virtual realm integrate” .

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