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Open Call from IntellIoT Boosts European Deep Tech Startups, SMEs

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The IntellIoT consortium comprised of 13 European organisations has developed a framework to build IoT environments for autonomous applications endowed with machine learning capabilities and built-in security & trust that circulates around the human user. By launching this Open Call, the consortium will broaden its network to further companies that are interested in collaborating and extending the IntellIoT framework and its applications in dedicated pilot projects that will run for 6 months starting in February 2022.

Next-generation IoT applications must move from the cloud to the edge—closer to the operational assets—to amplify their performance level, create a more stable operation, and enable faster response. To facilitate this transformation, IntellIoT provides the means to build localised IoT environments that incorporate heterogeneous devices (e.g., edge computers, resource-constrained devices) that can collaboratively execute highly automated IoT applications.

According to the consortium, to further extend the IntellIoT framework, Open Call participants could integrate digital twin tooling, solutions for edge and 5G infrastructure, blockchain-based marketplaces, autonomy-supporting technologies, devices or tools supporting human-machine interaction, data analytics platforms, or advanced sensing solutions.

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The participants are invited to focus with solutions in application areas like
autonomous agricultural vehicle fleets, IoT-enabled patient monitoring in healthcare,
human-machine cooperation in manufacturing and more.

“Open Call participants could for instance integrate novel drone technology or other smart farming solutions that further improve the IntellIoT framework and the agriculture applications,” the said an official statement.

Participants could also propose to integrate novel AGV technologies, localisation/navigation for manufacturing plants, process industry machinery, additive manufacturing machinery, or new sensor technologies.

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