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IoT Network Service Satellite Gets Unveiled By Wyld Networks

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A new satellite IoT solution from Wyld Networks makes it possible to deploy IoT applications in far-flung areas without the requirement for telecommunications infrastructure.

According to research by consultants McKinsey, the Internet of Things will only be able to increase the global GDP by $2–3 trillion over the next ten years because just 15% of the world’s surface can now access the internet.

Wyld Connect seeks to address this issue by enabling businesses and governments to utilise Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites to connect their IoT devices anywhere in the world. A new age of remote communication is reportedly beginning with Wyld Connect. For instance, data may be gathered for essential agriculture and environmental management and commodities and assets can be followed on land or at sea via global supply chains. Utility and energy businesses can monitor systems and equipment without spending money on time-consuming site visits.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) connected by satellite is thought to be moving sharply higher. Wyld Networks’ satellite partners have launched low-earth orbiting satellite constellations, and more satellite launches are planned for 2023. As a result, data from anywhere is becoming a reality, from forestry management to soil monitoring for agriculture, to container tracking across oceans, to condition monitoring on remote pipelines.

While advancements in big data analytics are pushing the demand for additional data from sensors on the ground, organisations in the business sectors Wyld is targeting regard improving sustainability and operational efficiency as critical. Wyld hopes to meet the growing need for satellite Internet of Things (IoT), which Rethink IoT (RIoT) estimates will reach $5.9 billion in value by 2025.

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