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HYPERRAM 3rd Generation Doubles Bandwidth For IoT Applications

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Wearables, instrument clusters in automotive applications, infotainment and telematics systems, industrial machine vision, HMI displays, and communication modules are all examples of low-power, space-constrained IoT applications that require an off-chip external RAM. According to the firms, new IoT devices perform more than only machine-to-machine communication; they also perform voice control or tinyML inferences, necessitating a better memory performance.

HYPERRAM 3.0 is a new generation that can operate with the same command/address signal and data bus format as the previous generation, but with increased bandwidth and lower standby power. HYPERRAM 3.0 has a maximum frequency of 200 MHz and a 1.8-V operation voltage, which is the same as HYPERRAM 2.0 and OCTAL xSPI RAM, but it has a data-transfer rate of 800 MBps, which is double the previous rate. The enlarged IO 16-bit HyperBus interface with 22 pins is used by the new generation HYPERRAM.

The first device in the HYPERRAM 3.0 family will be a 256Mb device in a KGD, WLCSP Package, which can be implemented at the component, module, or PCB level according on the final product type. The HYPERRAM 3.0 devices with 256MB of memory are now sampling.

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