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BT Expands Its AWS Contract To Increase Its Revenue By $500 Million

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IoT, managed security and software-as-a-service (SaaS) are the emphasis of BT’s extended cooperation with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Since last May, when the hyperscaler was hired to restructure BT’s internal IT infrastructure and apps and adopt what it calls “cloud-first architecture,” the UK incumbent’s Digital business has been working with AWS. By 2024, this modernization initiative hopes to save £2 billion annually. Along with cutting expenses, BT is collaborating with AWS to increase its top line.

BT announced on Tuesday that it will collaborate with AWS to enhance its current portfolio of IoT solutions, which cover the manufacturing, healthcare, smart cities, ports, and transportation and logistics industries. Additionally, they will collaborate on new products and services that make use of AWS’ cloud capabilities and BT’s network and service delivery know-how for clients in a variety of industries, both in the UK and overseas. It should be emphasised that BT’s IoT platform currently utilises AWS, thus this week’s announcement is more of an extension of an already-existing cooperation than a migration or the creation of anything brand-new from scratch.

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As a result of their improved connection, BT will also join the AWS Marketplace as a channel partner, allowing it to resell different managed security and outside SaaS products to clients all around the world.

“AWS and BT Group have shared ambitions at the intersection of cloud and connectivity, and we’re delighted that we have this partnership to frame how we will work together to accelerate these outcomes, for our customers and for the Group,” said Thomas Duecke, COO, Digital at BT, in a statement.

Tuesday’s announcement comes only one week after BT’s wholesale division revealed that it is testing a mobile cloud edge computing service in Manchester with AWS that will give companies and public services high-speed, low-latency mobile IoT connectivity.

The UK incumbent believes that over the next five years, its extended collaboration will enable it to generate up to $500 million in additional revenue from connections, digital solutions, and services, both domestically and internationally.

It doesn’t seem out of the question that the amount of $500 million over five years might be achieved. According to a Capgemini analysis from February, telcos who adopt a thorough cloud strategy anticipate generating an additional $110 million to 210 million in income annually. Its research was based on interviews with 270 telco execs, vendors, and hyperscalers, among others.


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