BlackPearl Technology Is The IoT Growth Partner Of Choice For ClearBlade


Future-proofing current SCADA capabilities, the new ClearBlade and BlackPearl Technology cooperation will provide affordable, secure, and scalable IoT solutions in a range of sectors.

leaders in open source call BlackPearl Technology, a renowned designer and producer of cutting-edge electrical goods, has joined forces with ClearBlade, the industry-leading Industrial IoT Platform and Edge Computing software provider. BlackPearl will offer their new Interceptor modular hardware line coupled with ClearBlade’s IoT and Edge AI computing software as a Preferred Partner of ClearBlade in order to deliver increased possibilities beyond the constraints of legacy SCADA data.

This alliance provides IoT solutions that are affordable, secure, and scalable, addressing a variety of customer applications. To suit the various needs of the IoT market, the Interceptor modular gateway offers a base offering with complimentary, modular components. This alliance is ideal for delivering real-time, secure, and scalable IoT solutions because of BlackPearl’s adaptable approach and ClearBlade’s capacity to solve practically any customer use case.

BlackPearl VP of Innovation, David Smith, added, “We are excited to partner with ClearBlade to bring our cutting-edge hardware to the table. Together, we can deliver powerful IoT/AI Edge solutions that allow businesses of any size to benefit from reliable and cost-effective monitoring of their assets. With this partnership, ClearBlade and BlackPearl aim to provide their customers with a complete and scalable IoT solution, bridging the gap between hardware and software to deliver the next generation of IoT solutions.”

“We are excited to partner with BlackPearl, combining their world-class hardware technology with ClearBlade’s software will be a game-changer for industrial companies,” said Eric Simone, Founder and CEO of ClearBlade. “The Interceptor family of Edge devices is perfect for IT/OT integration points in the IoT ecosystem.”