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A New 5G Mobile Private Network Based On AWS Emerges

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In order to help Thai companies migrate into “Industry 4.0,” including those in the industrial, retail, and logistics sectors, dtac Business created a 5G Mobile Private Network (5G MPN).

Industry 4.0, commonly referred to as the “Smart Factory,” is the process of integrating cutting-edge technology into industrial production processes, including the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning (ML), cloud and edge computing, smart sensors, and more. All of the devices that are involved in supply chain automation, which is run by real-time big data processing, are connected by 5G MPN.

The 5G MPN from dtac Business is prepared to assist companies with their digital transition and increase operational efficiency. The 5G MPN is outfitted with the three essential edge solutions of IoT, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and ML and is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The 5G MPN is a dedicated 5G core system that uses a private 5G core and is intended for optimal integration with edge computing using the 26GHz spectrum of dtac on 5G connectivity, as well as local core systems for data processing. High reliability, minimal latency, and improved security are all provided by this combination.

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Three digital solutions for the Thai market were designed and provided by dtac business using AWS, the most complete and widely used cloud platform in the world:

Robotics Automation is a method of automating distribution centres and warehouses by having robots handle the items while being connected to 5G MPN. The efficiency and precision of automated warehousing and distribution centres can be greatly increased, and worker accident hazards can be reduced. Predictive maintenance is a feature of this solution that uses machine learning coupled with 5G MPN to find faults in warehousing and distribution equipment and to offer predictive maintenance for the entire process.

The remedy makes use of Monitron sensors linked to 5G MPN in a Massive IoT configuration to track the temperature and/or vibration of the machinery. Machine learning is used to centrally process data from all linked equipment at a control centre, which can inform operators in case of any issues for proactive maintenance to avoid unwelcome downtime. Smart cameras with 5G MPN connectivity that use video analytics can help with warehousing management in a number of ways, including intruder detection, which is especially useful for high-value items.

Sadat Ibne Zaman , Chief Business Officer, Total Access Communication PLC or dtac notes:
“The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed Thai retailers and logistics industries. 5G MPN can help businesses realize the efficiencies and cost savings of Industry 4.0 by helping warehouses and distribution centers quickly adapt to changes. With the scalability and flexibility of cloud computing solutions, we can easily enable our customers to adopt advanced technologies, such as IoT and automation with robotics, to meet digital transformation demands and boost Thai businesses’ competitive advantage.”


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