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Park+ to offer next-gen parking solutions for Smartworks

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Park+, India’s leading provider of automated Smart Parking solutions, announced that it has been selected by India’s largest managed office space provider to Enterprises- Smartworks, to provide a next-gen parking experience in its office campuses.

As a part of this engagement, Park+ will enable campus administration for the flex space provider by automating parking allocation and managing seamless entry and exit of vehicles in and out of the premises. The unique RFID tag affixed on every car will ensure the movement of authorised vehicles only. The solution will help save time where real-time parking slots availability will be visible to members through Smartworks mobile app. 

Amit Lakhotia, Founder of Park+, said, “Both Smartworks and Park+ are working towards elevating the experience of corporates and office-goers across metro cities. The users will now be able to check the real-time availability of parking lots on a mobile app, which will help them save time, reduce stress and save on fuel. Also, as more and more people are looking at personal vehicles for a daily commute, corporates are partnering with Park+ to enable their employees to access our 70,000+ parking slots network and ensuring that they are no more constrained by the number of parking available in a specific building. By getting nearby parking on our platform, we have more than doubled the parking spaces available to users at various Smartworks campuses.”

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Neetish Sarda, Founder of Smartworks, said, “We are building offices of the future, and technology will be the key driver.  Our digitally-enabled office campuses are in line with our vision of offering contactless and efficient workspaces to clients. Our association with Park+ will help automate the first touch-point of our member’s daily office schedule – “parking”. In addition, it will remove the need for manual authentication of vehicles, improve access controls and further elevate the security profile of the campuses.”

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