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Innovative Solutions Help Telcos Prepare For 5G

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Telecom equipment provider Ciena has unveiled an array of innovative 5G Network Solutions to help operators scale their current 4G networks, while simultaneously preparing for the impending evolution toward 5G.

The new solutions are open that allow network operators to select products that meet stringent 4G and 5G network performance expectations and adapt to evolving demand, according to the firm.

These 5G Network Solutions comprise:-

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  • Converged Packet Opticaeparenl (6500 and Waveserver) and Packet Networking (3900 family, 5100 family, 8700 Packetwave) platforms.
  • New deterministic packet capability that will support 4G/5G converged fronthaul/midhaul networks offering digital radio transport over standards-based Ethernet
  • New IP functionality that will provide the necessary connectivity features required for IP-based network infrastructures
  • Programmable Network Slicing capabilities that will allow network operators to logically partition and virtualize network resources from Layer 0 to Layer 3

“4G and 5G networks will coexist for the foreseeable future and share the same wireline network infrastructure – between cell sites as well as to and from data centers, where accessed content is hosted. As mobile broadband and IoT traffic continues to grow exponentially on these networks, latency, throughput, reliability and security requirements will be extremely demanding, and require more than a simple network upgrade or expansion”, the company notes in the announcement.

“With expected 5G performance gains ranging from 1,000 times the volume of data to ten times the reduction in latency, operators need to prepare their end-to-end wireline network now,” Steve Alexander, Chief Technology Officer at Ciena said.

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