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New LTE IoT Software Development Kit (SDK)

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To help OEMs, developers, and other IoT companies create new cellular-enabled IoT products, Qualcomm announced a new LTE IoT SDK for the Qualcomm MDM9206 LTE modem. The modem, along with this new LTE IoT SDK, is designed to facilitate the development of cost-effective, low-power devices designed for multi-year battery life and greater coverage compared to traditional LTE, said Qualcomm.

The modem is currently used in various IoT hardware modules from third-party providers. Using these hardware modules and the new LTE IoT SDK will help OEMs and developers address a vast array of the existing and emerging cellular-connected use cases for commercial and industrial IoT such as smart metering, smart gateways, asset tracking and more.

Qualcomm said this will be possible by leveraging the power of the application processor, connectivity, global navigation satellite system (GNSS) capabilities and peripheral interfaces integrated in the MDM9206 LTE IoT modem.

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“As a leader in wireless technology, Qualcomm Technologies is pleased to provide solutions that can help accelerate the development of a global Internet of Things,” said Serge Willenegger, senior vice president and general manager, 4G/5G and Industrial IOT, Qualcomm Wireless GmbH. “As a new element of Qualcomm Technologies’ wireless edge solutions, the LTE IoT SDK, combined with modules based on our MDM9206 LTE IoT chipset, is designed to help OEMs and developers build and commercialize a wide range of exciting and innovative IoT applications in a cost-efficient and expedited manner.”

“The MDM9206 is a purpose-built solution designed to support global multimode capabilities, including both eMTC (Cat M1) and NB-IoT (Cat NB-1), as well as 2G/E-GPRS. The modem combines the reliability, low latency, and voice support of LTE Cat-M1 (eMTC) with the extended coverage and delay tolerance of Cat NB-1 (NB-IoT)”, according to the announcement.

This new LTE IoT SDK for the MDM9206 modem is expected to be available in the first half of this year.

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