Optical Heart Rate Sensor Supports 1024 Hz Sampling Speed


ROHM has unveiled an optical heart rate sensor for smart bands and watches capable of measuring blood pressure, stress and vascular age at a high-speed 1024Hz sampling rate. The chip boasts high accuracy measurements even under strong IR environments such as direct sunlight or during intense motion activities. And the high-speed sampling rate meets the continuously evolving needs of the IoT and wearable markets by supporting vital sign sensing such as vascular age and stress measurement.

The BH1792GLC is designed for smart bands, watches, smartphones and other portable devices requiring vital sign sensing.

The sensor features a high accuracy and low power consumption.

Current consumption is only 0.44mA (during heart rate measurement), enabling longer operating time.

“Measuring complicated vital signs requires an increased sampling frequency, which can lead to higher power consumption and decreased battery life”. ROHM said its new sensor is designed addresses these challenges.

ROHM also offers a heart rate sensor evaluation board (BH1792GLC-EVK-001) for use with ROHM sensor shields that connect to open platform MCU boards (e.g. Arduino Uno). It is available for purchase from online distributors.

The BH1792GLC is available now at a pricing of $5.30 /unit (1,000 pcs).

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