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Silicon Labs’ Security Services For ‘Zero Trust’ IoT Security Model

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According to Omdia’s Enterprise IoT 2021 Survey, IoT security concerns grew 13% in the past year while deploying IoT projects. High-profile breaches and hacks of critical infrastructure and household devices have also raised quality concerns among consumers, with malware IoT attacks increasing by 59% in the first six months of 2021 as compared to the first six months of 2020. 

Therefore, Silicon Labs has announced new Security Services that support IoT companies with the help of Zero Trust security architectures to meet emerging cybersecurity standards and combat the rising threats. 

The new security offerings complement Silicon Labs’ Secure Vault technologies, an award-winning suite to help connected device manufacturers address escalating and ever-evolving IoT security threats and regulatory pressures, with a first-of-its-kind Custom Part Manufacturing Service (CPMS) for wireless SoCs and modules. CPMS is a secure provisioning service that allows IoT developers to customise their connected products with advanced security features for safeguarding hardware, software and ecosystems. The new offering also includes software development kit (SDK) support services for up to 10 years, covering an IoT product’s entire lifecycle.

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With Silicon Labs Security Services, IoT companies can avoid security breaches, intellectual property compromises and counterfeiting. The new services also support global cybersecurity and communication standards, such as the United States executive order mandating the implementation of Zero Trust security architectures, as well as Matter and Wi-SUN requirements for secure identities.

Silicon Labs Security Services

The Custom Part Manufacturing Service (CPMS) and Long-Term Software Development Kit (SDK) Support Service (LTSSS) to provide trusted and economical security services for IoT products throughout their lifecycle, such as:

  • A web portal for CPMS makes it easy for developers to securely provision Silicon Labs wireless SoCs and modules with Secure Vault technology features such as Secure Boot and Secure Debug, as well as a Secure OTA bootloader, customer-specific keys, standard flash programming and custom identities for Zero Trust architectures.
  • Silicon Labs’ Long-Term SDK Support Service also minimises the need for expensive re-testing and re-certification activities due to code changes and ensures select Silicon Labs GSDK releases are maintained and supported for up to 10 years with security patches and bug fixes.

“Developers face a daunting challenge driving innovation in IoT products for homes and industries while securing them against ever-evolving threats. Trusted security hardware and software solutions are critical to their success,” said Matt Johnson, president, Silicon Labs. “The days when simple password protection for authentication was sufficient are long gone. Our new Security Services make it easier for developers to implement custom hardware identities and trusted over-the-air security stack updates to reduce the risk of software, hardware and wireless access vulnerabilities.”

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