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Sigfox Partners Skyhook to Improve Geolocation Services

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Sigfox, an IoT communication service provider have announced today its partnership with Skyhook, an independent provider of Wi-Fi, cellular, and hybrid positioning.

The collaboration is set to improve the quality and performance of existing tracking services on the Sigfox network globally, while delivering enhanced customer experience at an accessible cost, according to the new partners.

As part of its services, Skyhook offers Wi-Fi location solutions, which can be used on its own or as part of a larger hybrid positioning system. This software-based, power-efficient approach uses Wi-Fi, GPS/GNSS, and cellular signals to track location, and uses over 6 billion geolocated Wi-Fi access points, over 110 million geolocated cells, and 1.5 billion geolocated IP addresses for unmatched reliability and accuracy.

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The company said, by integrating global coverage from Skyhook’s positioning services with Sigfox’s existing Atlas Wi-Fi service, companies will be able to locate their assets in indoor environments, where other positioning methods can fall short.

Customers directly benefit from the integration of Skyhook services, removing the need for additional infrastructure, regardless of the size and quantity of assets.

Atlas Wi-Fi, Sigfox’s geolocation service for massive IoT applications is specifically optimised to support global supply chain and logistics applications and combines two technologies and data sources – the Sigfox network and Wi-Fi infrastructure. Accordingly, Sigfox can provide one single location service in all types of geographic environments, without GPS.

Additionally, as Wi-Fi-based location tracking consumes less battery than using GPS, this new partnership will help extend the service life of IoT tracking solutions, thus reducing maintenance costs.



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