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Microsoft’s Publishes guidelines for handling IoT security

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Microsoft has released some advice for businesses on how to safeguard their IoT solutions. When it comes to managing the security of IoT solutions, Microsoft has noticed that enterprises are concerned about data privacy, network security, encryption protocols, software and firmware updates, passwords, and safe provisioning, among other things. IoT security breaches, according to the Redmond firm, can have a detrimental impact on operations, revenue, customers, compliance, and legislation.

As a result, Microsoft has focused on four steps for managing IoT security within your company. The following are some of them:

– Know how to secure your environment

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– Recognize and address any security concerns in your design

– Maintain a security maturity model (SMM)

– Adhere to Microsoft’s Zero Trust security principles

It also identified seven key areas for secure IoT device development. A hardware-based root of trust, a small trusted computing base, defence in depth, compartmentalization, certificate-based authentication, renewable security, and failure reporting are all elements of this strategy. More information on each of these domains can be found in Microsoft’s documentation.

Threat modelling, according to Microsoft, should be at the heart of any IoT security solution’s architecture. Organizations can use Microsoft’s Threat Modeling Tool, which is available here, for this purpose.

Similarly, Microsoft has recommended enterprises to focus on these concepts in order to design a Zero Trust solution:

– A distinct personality

– Access with the fewest privileges

– Device health – Updates on a regular basis

– Surveillance and response to security threats

Naturally, all of the principles and other topics discussed are separate topics in and of themselves, so be sure to read Microsoft’s blog article for links to additional in-depth documentation on these topics.

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