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DISH Partners IBM For New Cloud Native 5G Network

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DISH Network Corporation has partnered IBM to help automate the United States’ first greenfield cloud-native 5G network. The company said its new network will be designed to be agile, scalable and fully virtualised, benefitting enterprise customers across all industry verticals.

The company said it will leverage IBM’s AI-powered automation and network orchestration software and services to bring broad 5G network orchestration to DISH’s business and operations platforms. “Intent-driven orchestration, a software-powered automation process, and artificial intelligence (AI) will be utilised to drive the operations of DISH’s cloud-native 5G network architecture.”

DISH will be combining its 5G network architecture with IBM’s Cloud Pak for Network Automation, allowing the company to add an intent-based orchestration functionality that helps “stitch hardware and software resources together.”

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DISH also plans to use advanced network slicing to offer new use cases and industry vertical opportunities that are customised to each business and customer who leverages the private hybrid 5G network. Network slices – individual pieces that comprise said network – will be managed by customers to set service levels for each device appropriate to their use of the network.

IBM is working with many telcos like Vodafone, Bharti Airtel, AT&T and more. DISH announced earlier that it is also working with AWS on its 5G network.


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