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Digital Matter Releases Battery-Powered Asset Tracking Hardware for Cellular IoT

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Digital Matter, GPS and IoT hardware developer, today released their 2022 battery-powered asset tracking hardware roadmap with Cellular LTE-M/NB-IoT connectivity, enabling new global IoT asset tracking applications.

According to a study by analyst firm ABI Research, asset tracking is one of the highest-growth segments in the IoT market with an expected growth rate of 51 percent per year to 2024 as the industry moves from tracking only high-value goods into low-value, high-volume markets.

“As new business cases emerge for the IoT as device and connectivity costs continue to decrease, businesses are able to broaden the range of assets they track,” says Ken Everett, CEO and Founder, Digital Matter.

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Optimised for lower-power operation, Digital Matter’s next-generation of battery-powered devices feature ‘deploy once’ battery life and use approximately 1/5 of the power of the current GNSS range without sacrificing performance or reliability. The updated device range also supports roaming between LTE-M and NB-IoT networks with marginal impact on battery life or performance.

The company said, the upcoming range of devices feature cell tower location fallback, allowing the devices to determine location when out of GNSS coverage and enhanced intelligent power management options including new balanced, low-power, and ultra-low power network registration strategies, accelerometer-based location scan throttling, and more, to reduce power and data usage.

The company’s next-generation devices include the Oyster3, Yabby3 and Remora3, and new devices such as the Yabby Core and Edge portfolio, featuring indoor/outdoor asset tracking and cloud-based location solving.

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