TIoTA, MachNation Present Trusted IoT Challenges Worldwide


Four initial global challenge competitions will take place over the next 18 months; Smart E-Mobility is the first challenge

The Trusted IoT Alliance (TIoTA), an ecosystem of more than 50 companies working together to build open source trusted systems for IoT with blockchain and related technologies, and MachNation, a global independent IoT research and benchmarking firm, have joined hands to stage a series of Trusted IoT Challenges worldwide.

The Trusted IoT Challenges will bring together forward-thinking enterprise customers and innovators. In the Challenges, design and implementation organizations will be competing globally on challenges with real-world customer requirements. 

Commenting on the new partnership with TIoTA, President of MachNation Steve Hilton noted that as IoT, blockchain and related technologies continue to grow, having proven ways to benchmark and improve these solutions is critically important.

Elaborating on the joint iniative, Zaki Manian, Executive Director of TIoTA, said that the intent of the challenges is to spur innovation by combining blockchain and related technologies and IoT while developing roadmaps, templates, standards and guidelines.

Manian believes that output from the challenges will help provide best practices and deliverables in the blockchain for IoT space and bring visibility to the Proof of Concept work underway at the Alliance and in the industry.

Four global challenge competitions 

The organisations have announced four initial global challenge competitions that will take place over the next 18 months, including Smart E-Mobility, Smart Logistics, Smart Buildings and Smart Construction. 

The first challenge will be Smart E-Mobility for which online registration is available now. The deadline to submit design proposals is January 21, 2019.

Each challenge will have a set of common questions such as How can IoT help solve the connectivity challenges in each vertical? What kind of identity is required to track any sets of objects – cars, containers, assets – in each vertical? How is the trust between providers, customers and partners upheld? What kind of payment infrastructure is required?

The winners will gain direct access to the Enterprise members of the Alliance to develop products and services based on the winning designs, including a paid Proof of Concept. MachNation will publish a report describing the winning solution.

An overall winner will be awarded in each category, along with Best Business Contribution, Best Technical Contribution, and Best Usability, depending on the challenge.

Bosch is co-sponsoring the challenge and providing test equipment and field trial support. Additionally, Bosch is contributing a Jaguar I-PACE all-electric vehicle for building a seamless tour across Europe.

Sign-up and challenge guidelines are available on the TIoTA website. Dr. Alexy Khrabrov, TIoTA’s Chief Community Officer, will run the challenges initiative. He can be reached at community@trusted-iot.org to discuss partnerships, participation and details of the challenges.