Improving Arduino Programming Skills For Powerful IoT Projects

Arduino Programming Skills

Programming Arduino

Arduino has helped many DIY developers create IoT projects. In a way, developers are solving a variety of real-world problems that need electronic hardware and software to solve them. Though hardware up gradation has its physical limitations, what could be done with software codes has limitless potential. With better programming skills, the size of programmes decrease and there is a phenomenal increase in the efficiency and execution.

Some precursors to Programming  Arduino

  • Arduino uses C/C++ for programming. It would be definitely an addon to brush up  C/C++ programming skills
  • Software programmers can get exposure to electronic circuits and a lot of knowledge on how the boards take instructions while its various components that help work in tandem
  • Use of  HTML and JavaScript languages may require the developer to brush up his/ her web programming skills
  • The developer must have an understanding of network components or modules such as Ethernet, Wi-Fi, NFC modules and Android component.

In this Video

The developer explains everything there is to know from the basic fundamentals of what a register is and how it could be used to further optimize Arduino code.

He also explains what happens registers are set manually and unwanted codes are excluded. Furthermore, this video gives you few simple steps where a 2632 bytes Arduino program is reduced in size to 682 bytes.