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H&D Wireless Gets Aggressive with GEPS for Manufacturing Sector

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H&D Wireless has received a US$57,000 grant from Vinnova. The fund aims to explore the needs of different companies and the benefits of H&D Wireless’ new IoT enterprise indoor real time localization service called GEPS. H&D Wireless is a Swedish Internet of Things (IoT), cloud and platform system provider.

The GEPS has been specifically developed for the manufacturing industry as an RTLS of returnable transport packages. It is specifically developed for the manufacturing industry to support its path to digitalization.

The grant from Vinnova, Sweden’s Innovation Agency, is part of the EU’s research and innovation program Horisont 2020.

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Post grant, H&D Wireless will now be able to better evaluate different business scenarios. They will also start identifying different companies’ bottlenecks, conduct market research and review user cases. Early indications have shown a 20-50 percent improved utilization of equipment, as well as 6-12 months payback, ROI, when introducing RTLS solutions.

The new RTLS solution is specifically developed to address asset management and visualization challenges of the global manufacturing industry. It also takes care of asset utilization, production bottlenecks, uneven production flow or stops and unexpected machinery breakdowns. The system is pre integrated with SAP, the world’s leading ERP application.   Read more…

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