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WiseThingz IoT Prototyping Kit

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In the world of Internet of Things (IoT), it is important to test the viability of a project concept as the ecosystem- device, network, people and cloud backend- is still maturing. Be it a retail, agri, consumer, industrial or healthcare use case, a lot of uncertainty hovers around devices at field vs. lab environment, battery life expectation, user behaviour and acceptability, network stability based on usage location, remote provisioning and upgrade etc. So a Proof of Concept (PoC) or a Minimum viable product (MVP) is almost a norm to build confidence and risk awareness in both the service provider and the customer- before serious time, money and manpower are committed.

But unlike mature technologies, IoT holds high promises with high uncertainty. So they are looked at very sceptically by the mainstream customers- little time and budgets are made available to display a working solution and thus build confidence. Needless to say, customized hardware and firmware can’t be developed and stabilized in short time and small budget. As such, many promising IoT projects get delayed or get stuck at this stage.

To navigate through the situation, WiseThingz has developed and launched “WishTree IoT Prototyping Kit”- to develop working IoT prototype quickly, easily and cost effectively. WishTree prototyping board houses ESP8266 & ESP32 both (any one at a time), and runs WiFi, BT, BLE, GSM and LoRa all from the same board to realize a working demo fast. ESP32 has built-in WiFi, BT, BLE. GSM and LoRa connectivity are achieved through A6-mini and RFM95 module (one at a time).

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“WishTree IoT Prototyping Kit” is a simple breakout board of ESP8266 (ESP12) and ESP32- so all kind of programming e.g. Arduino, python, FreeRTOS, ESP-IDF that work with ESP’s work on this board. It is developed by hands-on IoT industry practitioners. So the main advantage over the commercial off the shelf (COTS) boards is- it has the common circuitry/utilities required for any IoT prototyping in built. For example- it has got multiple powering option- USB, DC-socket, screw terminal; both 3.3v & 5v onboard; run mode (normal, config, FOTA) select button, battery-% left reading, I2C pin break out, micro-amp level deep sleep and many more.

Moreover, the prototyping kit has ready sockets for common peripherals like OLED, RTC, Memory card etc. This get makers rid of dangling breadboard and many criss-crossing jumper wires travelling between the dev-board and breadboard- that posses the risk of malfunction due to loose connection, or sometimes complete open circuit (putting back an open wire often need you to look at the circuit diagram all over again). With WishTree the absence of breadboard makes the prototype great to carry around, and also the whole board along with all on-board jumpers can be put into a ready casing to give it a finished look.

To learn more about the kit, visit here.

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