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The Iridium Messaging Transport Solution is Now Available 

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IMT is already offered for the Iridium Certus 100 service, and it will be made accessible for the 200, 350, and 700 services in the first quarter of 2023.

Iridium Messaging Transport, often known as “IMT,” has been launched by Iridium Communications Inc. IRDM to make it easier to incorporate satellite communications into Internet of Things (IoT) systems.

IMT is a two-way, cloud-native, networked data service that has been specially designed for usage over the satellite-based Iridium Certus network. It is meant to make it simpler for developers to integrate satellite connectivity to existing or new IoT systems. It is designed to support small-to-moderate-sized messages.

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The service is designed to lower development costs and shorten the time-to-market for new Iridium Connected IoT devices. It is integrated with Iridium CloudConnect and Amazon Web Services.

Customers of IMT are able to send and receive messages utilising a “store and forward” method, in which messages are first briefly kept on a server before being forwarded to the intended recipient. When there is little data traffic or when a persistent connection between servers is not required, this can be helpful.

IMT is useful for many different things, including machine-to-machine communication, email, weather updates, transactions, and group conversations.

IMT manages and delivers messages in the cloud using industry-standard protocols and technologies like MQTT, HTTPS, and WebSocket (WSS). IMT is a desirable choice for developers because these technologies are frequently employed in the creation of scalable and distributable applications.

In addition to its technological capabilities, IMT provides customers with a number of advantages, such as quicker and simpler development, cheaper costs, and more design flexibility for IoT applications.

Iridium, with its headquarters in McLean, Virginia, is the only provider of dedicated commercial worldwide voice and data communications through satellite. Businesses, consumers, wireline and cellular telecommunications carriers, and Internet service providers can all access its reliable and low-latency communications services.

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